Wessner_031a.jpgDr. Gerald Wessner of the Holistic Veterinary Clinic, Summerfield, Fl. has been practicing holistic veterinary medicine for the past 8 years. Having become frustrated with western or allopathic medicine, Dr. Wessner returned to veterinary medicine after a 5 year absence. Alternative medicine was always an option, because he had an open mind and was always looking for better ways to heal and cure. He was probably the first vet in the country to have a cold laser and was one of the first to learn acupuncture, even before there was an organized course. Magnetic therapy was very intriguing and early on he not only purchased one, but went on to sell them all over the east coast.

 After his 5 yr. hiatus, he started out practicing acupuncture at the race tracks, but soon found that a new disease which had reached epidemic proportion, was now a problem. The problem he was facing was that in order for a horse that was being treated to race, the medication had to be stopped 5 days before the race. If a horse can race every 14 days, that would mean the treatment had to be interrupted after only 9 days-very poor medical practices which could lead to potentially resistant forms of the organism. So, he called all over this country looking for a treatment that would be efficacious, as well as not being banned by the racing commissions. In Pennsylvania, he found a Dr. Ed Schaeffer who had been using homeopathy to cure several cases quite successfully, so after consultation with Dr. Schaeffer, he compounded the homeopathics into a complex, as well as the nosode, and the result has been the treatment of over 1500 cases in the last 8 years. 

This disease was the dreaded EPM, and this prompted him to learn homeopathy, learning from different sources including the teachings of Dr. Richard Pitcairn. Along the way, he read many books on alternative therapies, including ozone therapy, herbs, VOM (veterinary orthopedic manipulation), nutrition, multi wave oscillators, and cancer therapies. His inquiring mind also had him discover a holistic heartworm treatment, a homeopathic treatment for EPM(Equine Protozoan Myelitis), homeopathic detoxifiers for vaccines, viruses, chemicals and parasites. Two years ago, he studied the benefits of the barefoot trim for horses and has successfully treated a thoroughbred with a 15 degree rotation of the pedal bone in the horses' foot, thus allowing the horse to return sound to racing. His latest addition to his holistic practice is the use of 2 alternative treatments for cancer, which not only has great promise, but looks to be quite economical also. He has reintroduced hair analysis to help the toxic individual as well as the animals with thyroid, pituitary, and adrenal imbalances. Combining a few of these therapies has given him some unexpected successes with COPD in horses. 

So, welcome to this web page. Dr. Wessner hopes you learn something of value from this information and challenges you to try other modalities that are not yet mainstream.

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