Holistic Heartworm Treatment

Wessner_028a.jpg Heart worms are a constant threat in most of the regions in the United States and are probably a threat in most of the world. I know this because of the inquiries from Europe. Normally, prevention is attained through the use of a chemical given to the dogs on a monthly basis, although some are now given as an injection and last 6 months.

In my holistic practice, heartworm nosodes ( a homeopathic vaccine) are used as a preventative, on a monthly basis after the initial protocol period, and have proven to be extremely effective. Unfortunately, no statistics are available, but our records indicate no active infestations in any animal tested for heart worms in the past 8 years at our clinic who were protected with the heartworm nosode.

Of course, I do not attribute the success just to the heartworm nosode, but to the entire holistic protocol of diet, nosodes, lack of use of chemicals, antibiotics, steroids and other man made drugs. I also prefer our pets to be watered with a filtered product such as reverse osmosis (distilled water is okay for a month or two to detox, but I have seen clients who have been on distilled water for years become very sick until the distilled water was replaced with reverse osmosis water-apparently the minerals in reverse osmosis water are needed by the body to stabilize the blood.

The holistic heartworm treatment used by the Holistic Vet Clinic is three fold:

1. The heartworm nosode is used on a declining schedule from daily to weekly over a three month period.

 2. A product called Paratox (a homeopathic complex of several remedies) is given orally or in the drinking water twice daily for 48 days.

3. Diatomaceous earth is fed in moistened food once daily for a month or longer.

Statistics are not available as to what percentage of treated dogs test negative after 6 months after completion of the treatment, but the percentage seems to be over 75%. Many clients, after seeing the remission of all external symptoms (lack of stamina, cough, and shortness of breath) refuse the conventional treatment on the basis of the pet suffering ill effects, even if the animal still tests positive when tested after the 6 month period. Most of these animals eventually will go negative with the continued use of the nosode or 6 months of heartguard. It seems that this holistic treatment is beneficial, safe, economical, and effective.

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