Treatment now available for Cushings Disease, Lupus, Hypo-thyroid, Hyper-thyroid and many other chronic diseases through the use of Homotoxicology.

Homotoxicology was discovered by Dr. Rekewig in Germany and he pioneered this field by using homeopathics of low potency and mixing them into a complex in an effort to detox the body. In this system there are 6 levels of toxicity, and Dr. Rekewig found that they progress from superficial to deep structures in the body. He not only found which remedies work at a which level, but also discovered what potencies work the best for the detoxification process, and then proceeded to mix these complexes to cure disease. Through his monumental work, we now have a workbook to use to understand this complex therapy and now, once incurable diseases such as Cushings, Addisons, Lupus, Hypo-thyroid, Hyper-thyroid and many many more diseases are now curable.

Since using this therapy, homotoxicology has allowed me to cure over 15 cases of Cushings Disease (these animals are on no medications, homeopathics, herbs or any other therapeutic and have no symptoms of the disease), one case of Addissons, several types of auto-immune disease, a few cases of Lupus, several cases of hypo-thyroid and also hyper-thyroid disease and many other difficult diseases.

Homotoxicology is a trade mark for the Heel Company.

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