Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy was discovered over 70 years and is still in use in many third world countries because it is a cheap and effective treatment for many acute and chronic conditions seen in the world today.
In modern veterinary practice it has uses in treating acute viral infections, chronic arthritic problems, chronic toxic states and many more. It's application is especially valuable in rescue shelters, as I have clients using ozone instead of antibiotics in sick kittens. In one case they discovered that coccidiosis was treated inadvertently after only 5 days of ozone therapy. In another application, a client is using ozone therapy in lieu of injecting joints in horses with no risk of infection and very good results with arthritic conditions.
There are several ways of administering ozone (intra articular, rectally, subcutaneously mixed with saline or lactated ringers, and even intravenously). I have had very good results in a few patients who were extremely itchy and other therapies would either be too long in achieving results or they were refractory to my other treatments. Horses treated with ozone that had pituitary adenomas and were on pergolyde, were able to drastically reduce their medication after 1 week of treatment.
The literature is full of accounts of successful ozone therapy and I include it here as an option when other methods have failed to adequately treat the modern diseases that afflict our animal population.
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