Rattlesnake Bite Kit

A few years ago a client asked if I could formulate a kit that pet owners could carry with them in high risk snake areas, especially for the rattle snake. Having treated a few water moccasin poisonous snake bites successfully (no pets or horses were lost) and after some research, I formulated a kit for the rattlesnake bite. A list of the homeopathics and herbs in the snake bite kit is as follows:


Hypericum 30C & Ledum 30C - these two homeopathics are the first homeopathic remedies I recommend after any kind of puncture wound, including snake bites. Start with one and alternate every 10 minutes.

Cedron 6X - For rattlesnake bites-can be in alternation with the Hypericum and Ledum. For severe rattlesnake bites, I would give Cedron in between the Hypericum & Ledum.


 Echinacea - this is the herb you might take to boost your immune system when you feel a cold coming on. Apparently, there is a substance in this herb that denatures the rattlesnake venom. I recommend taking Echinacea every 20-30 minutes until you see the swelling and inflammation subsiding.

 MSM - I have read reports that MSM applied to the bitten area topically, helps with the swelling.


A client from California who had purchased my snake bite kit the previous year wrote me a letter describing her episode with a rattlesnake and her two Jack Russells. The two dogs were out in the woods and apparently ran across a rattlesnake, and being Jack Russells they decided to get rid of this varmint. Well, both were bitten by the rattlesnake, so the owner started the homeopathic treatment and headed to the local emergency clinic. The owner had experience because both dogs had been bitten the year before and she knew the symptoms since they were in a high risk area. Upon arrival at the veterinary clinic, only one dog received minor treatment and both were kept overnight for observation. The next day, when the owner picked up her two Jack Russells, she was amazed and delighted at their condition. They acted as if nothing had happened to them, unlike the previous year when their treatment had consisted of anti-venom and the dogs acted lethargic for 3-4 weeks.

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