Just wanted Dr. Wessner to know that Jester, who we treated with Paratox for heartworms last October 2010 through August 2011 just completed his first lure coursing weekend Saturday and Sunday. He got 4th place in whippets on Saturday, then Jester coursed again yesterday and got 1stplace and Best of Breed in whippets. He then ran for Best in Field against a Rhodesian ridgeback, a Pharaoh hound, an Ibizan (both the pharaoh and Ibizan were Dual Champions), and Jester ran fabulously and received the highest score, winning Best in Field. This is also a testament that the Paratox doesn’t harm the dogs in any way, and we are so very grateful that Dr. Wessner has this product so the dogs don’t have to be put through the regular treatment. 

We also spoke with another whippet owner who also rescues Italian Greyhounds.  She says they often come up heartworm +, and the treatment for them is very debilitating.  We told her about the Paratox and I believe she will be contacting you to get the treatment from you very soon.  She’s lives in Louisiana, so you know how bad the mosquitoes are there.
Olivia Wade Alexander, TX
Our 10 year old poodle developed cataracts and lost her sight in both eyes. Dr. Wessner made a remedy for her and within days, our little dog was seeing shadows. Within a week, she was able to see well enough to manuever around furniture and obstacles. Her vision is improving every week. Our dog is playing with her toys and following our every move with her eyes. It is so heartwarming to watch her enjoying life again!
Catherine, Altamonte Springs, FL
Sky, Monty, & Kiki
Ten years ago I read about Dr. Wessner's holistic protocol for West Nile in Natural Horse Magazine. I was impressed with his knowledge and the courage to take an independent stance on holistic healing. I did not vaccinate for West Nile that year after Doc told me "you would be doing more harm by vaccinating than by taking a chance that your horse gets sick and treating him with holistic medicine."  Since that time, I have consulted Doc for many pet issues, including our African Gray that plucks her feathers to our aging Collie mix for his overall health condition. I am currently working with him for my mare Sky's Metabolic Syndrome, my gelding Monty's arthritis, and my cat Kiki's kidneys.
In all of these various protocols, I trust Doc's advice and his medicine. I have made many referrals to him since I can personally attest to the superior quality of his medicine, his attention to detail, and the pleasure of working with him.
- Ellen Kohn, Colorado
Delilah (my 15 yr. old female cat) had been treated for 7 months for chronic constipation and had spent many days in the vet clinic but to no avail. Dr. Wessner of the Holistic Vet Clinic treated her for suspected intestinal cancer, and now Delilah is fine. She is now eating, drinking and going to the litter box with no visits to the vet now for the last 3 months. Thank You, Dr. Wessner.
- Joan D., Crystal Springs, Fl.
We had gotten Muffy, our American Shorthair from a Cat Rescue group in New York about 7 years ago. She had been badly beaten, mistreated and eventually thrown away. After we adopted her, it took almost a year for her to trust us. She had a severe digestive disorder due to her previous life. As an older cat, she was resistant to change. Dr. Wessner suggested a natural diet for her, she refused. Muffy had developed a cancerous tumor in her stomach, the size of my fist. She had developed other external tumors on various parts of her body. Muffy was unable to hold her food. She would immediately run to her litter box after consumption of food or water. The cat was unable to keep anything in her stomach. She stopped eating, became very cranky and looked completely miserable. I was afraid that we were at the point of having to put her down. I was just prolonging the inevitable. To make matters worse, I had developed an allergy to the cat. I couldn't be in the same room with her without my eyes swelling up and my throat closing down. I couldn't understand had I had become allergic to her. I've had cats all of my life.
While attending Dr. Wessner's week-long workshop, several remedies discussed keep bringing Muffy to mind. We discussed this in class, along with her refusal to allow us to give her any kind of remedies. Dr. Wessner suggested "misting" her with her treatments. Two days later, I began to see an improvement in the cat. She no longer looked unhappy and miserable. She came out for attention and belly-rubs. Within a week, she began eating and holding her food. I had also stopped sneezing when we were in the same room. By the end of week two, Muffy looked as if 5 years had been removed from her face. She was more playful than I had ever seen. The tumor in her stomach disappeared. The tumors on her body have been drying up and falling off. My allergic reaction to Muffy must have been caused by her illness. Since this treatment began, I have been able to hold her and pet her without any allergic reactions.
It is amazing to see such a dramatic change in Muffy. I can't believe that this is the same cat I was ready to put to sleep. Thank you, Dr. Wessner, you have saved a very important member of our family. I have learned so much from you.
- Cathy, Ocala, FL


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