Treatment of West Nile Disease with Homepathics

The year 2001 was the first time that horses in Florida were plagued with the West Nile Virus. Holistic treatment was instituted that year, but our success was less than perfect. The next year a more vigorous homeopathic course of treatment was instituted and success was evident. Since then I have shared my experience through several nationally published newsletters and magazines. Please note, my experience is based on 4 actual cases that I actually treated in the Florida area. Since then, I have consulted with many people in several states with very good results.

The initial treatment of West Nile Disease is started when the symptoms appear. Please note that the symptoms are vague and that awareness should be based on the time of year, the presence of mosquitoes, and newspaper articles telling of other cases or lots of dead birds in your area.


* Low grade fever

* Lethargy and weakness

* Maybe neurologic signs such as: ataxia, circling, pacing, and sometimes the inability to stand.

Initial treatment consists of the homeopathic Aconite in the 1M strength given at intervals of 1 hour for several repetitions. 7-8 times may be required the first day. The Aconite may be stopped when improvement is noticed - this may be a reduction in the fever, less neurologic signs, the lethargy is lessening, or a general increase in strength is noticed.

At this point I stop all homeopathics and wait to assess symptoms the following day. Usually by the next day the fever will be lower or normal, the animal is still lethargic and weak. Now I start the same process with Arsenicum Album 1M and repeat for several hours. I skip the next day and usually no fever is evident, the animal is weak but not lethargic. If no improvement occurs the next day, I start treatment with the complex of homeopathics I use to treat EPM because it has several homeopathics used for neurologic conditions. This complex may be used until symptoms disappear. Once improvement occurs, stop all homeopathics.

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